1. How You Can Benefit From Golf Lessons

    You’ve been out golfing a few times before and you hate it because you just don’t get it. No matter how many people have explained golfing to you and how it’s a lot of fun and you learn so much, it just doesn’t appeal to you. However, what happens when your boss tells you that you’re going golfing and you’ll be discussing that promotion you’ve been gunning for? Luckily, there is a wa…Read More

  2. Golfing Swing Tips – Part Two

    In Golfing Swing Tips - Part One, we went over three important golfing swing tips you can take on the golf course with you. In our previous blog, we focused on using your body for power, the placement of your hands, and the position of your thumbs. Today, we’ll be going over three more important tips to keep in mind while you’re golfing at The Evergreen Club located in Palm City. Perfecting yo…Read More

  3. Golfing Swing Tips – Part One

    How many times have you been asked to go golfing by a coworker, boss, or even a client, but you don’t want to go because you’re embarrassed by your lack of knowledge about golfing or your skill set? With some tips and tricks from The Evergreen Club to you, you’ll be able to impress your playing partner on the golf course. The Evergreen Club is a golf course located in Palm City, FL, that is …Read More

  4. What is The Kevin Perkins Golf Academy?

    One of the many perks to being involved in The Evergreen Club, a golf course located in Palm City, FL, is the accessibility to many different golfing benefits. With access to a 520-acre golf course in the gorgeous northeastern part of Martin County, you’re able to golf on the best golf course in Florida. The Evergreen Club is not just a golf course, but a community of people who enjoy golf just …Read More

  5. What Are GolfBoard Rentals?

    Do you love riding around on the golf carts while you’re out golfing on the golf course? If you enjoy spending time on golf carts, then you’re going to get a kick out of our new addition to our golf equipment. Now, at The Evergreen Club, we offer a new type of vehicle to take out onto the golf course: the GolfBoard. As a golf course that offers memberships and invites guests to our golf course…Read More

  6. How To Golf With Kids

    Have you been considering taking your kids with you out on the golf course? In Why You Should Get Your Kids Involved In Golf, we went over why it’s a great idea to get your kids involved in golfing. From life lessons to outdoor time, you’ll be able to positively influence your kids to spend time on the golf course from the time they are little to when they teach their own kids how to golf. How…Read More

  7. Why You Should Get Your Kids Involved In Golf

    Golf is a great activity to introduce your child to and help them learn the ups and downs of the game that corresponds to life. Golf can be a sport you introduce your child to for them to find a love for the game, meet friends, or spend more time together. When you live in a busy, crazy world, it can be hard to find time to bond with your child. If you make playing golf your bonding time, then you…Read More

  8. Learn How To Improve Your Golf Game With A New Club

    Are your golf clubs looking a little worn? Do you notice they don’t seem to hit the ball just right when you’re on the golf course? Are you tired of playing a less than great game? If your golf game seems to be a little off and your clubs are looking more and more worn, then it’s time you invest in a new golf club to enhance your game. You’ll be very impressed when you see how your golf ga…Read More

  9. Tips For Playing Golf

    Have you become complacent in your golf game? It can be easy to get stuck in a rut while you play golf. Sometimes, your skill level plateaus, especially, if you don’t take the time to practice on the golf course. However, with these great tips, you’ll learn how to get out of your rut and build your skill level. We compiled a few really great tips to help you become a better golfer and learn a …Read More

  10. Keeping Proper Score During A Golf Game

    Do you know how to keep score while you’re playing golf? If you’re a beginning golfer it can be difficult to figure out the ins and outs of golfing, but don’t let that deter you from learning how to golf and playing on a golf course. It can be hard starting a new hobby, but if you stick with golfing and read our golfing tips, you’ll be able to become an experienced golfer in no time. All y…Read More